Our Services

e-Sci Corporation provides leading edge services, support, and products for the Government, Corporate, and Educational sectors. 

Enterprise Web Portals


We are experienced in the latest technologies for building enterprise web portals. From doing a customer requirements analysis to designing XML schema and data models and associated middleware for connecting data or document repositories to a community of web users. Our current technology of choice is the J2EE enterprise architecture, with UML modelling tools. We are also tracking technology developments and maturity of the .NET toolset and will be offering expertise using alternatives as customer requirements and applications dictate.



Information Security

We have experience in using network traffic sniffers including CISCO flow records, tcpdump, and Snort. We have used our visualization expertise to develop novel 3D/4D displays of network traffic data that are web enabled. These include displays of visual signatures for port scans, spray attacks, etc. Our experience with enterprise architectures will allow us to build custom data collection from intrusion detection systems and connect them with advanced visual displays through the web.


Scientific Visualization


We have substantial experience in visualization of scientific data. We are familiar with the major visualization packages including IDL, ARCINFO, AVS, and IBM OpenDX. We also have experience in connecting visualization systems through universal web browsers either through server image generation or directly through Java3D or VRML.

Electronic Handbooks

Electronic Handbooks are unique way of documenting business processes as well as capturing them to facilitate process automation. Metrics can be incorporated to monitor process performance and remediate business processes.

Object/Relational Databases

We have experience in developing scientific data systems integrated with the search and query capabilities of object/relational databases. We have accomplished this with the HDF data format and the Informix database with spatial extensions. This was used to store processed F22 flight data into the database and then be able to do range and extent queries based on metadata attributes and data content.

Future Combat Systems


We have experience in developing a collaborative 3D Common Operating Picture (3DCOP) for the purposes of scenario development and C2 rehearsal. We also have experience in development of XML schemas and web portals for the representation of Operational Orders and access/update through a repository. We are familiar with HLA and have used OTBSAF to define simulations.



Systems Modeling

We have experience in developing systems models and associated simulations for dynamical systems. More specifically we have created a dynamical model for herring and salmon populations in the Prince William Sound Ecosystem and connected the simulations with visualization tools like IDL and Flash. We are experienced in connecting 3D visualization tools to existing simulations. We have done so for a 3D MHD simulation of the earths magnetosphere and also a fluid simulation of oil spill dispersion in Tampa Bay.